Collect. Verify. Showcase.

An entire art gallery in your home
First Class Dynamic Display

Personalise your space with Muse, an unforgettable IRL experience for NFT collectors.

Vivid Colours

Muse Frame is a 4k digital frame supporting over 1 billion colours with the highest-level colour and contrast accuracy.

Crystal Clarity

Expressively display your NFT in any light setting with Muse Frame’s advanced anti-glare screen technology.

Effortless Customisation

A 180-degree adjustable mount guarantees the ultimate viewing experience for your digital art, no matter the orientation.

How it works


Connect to Wifi

Download the Muse App and connect your Muse Frame to a stable Wifi connection.


Sign into your digital wallet

Select and sign into your preferred digital wallet.


Showcase your NFTs

Select and instantly showcase your NFT tokens direct from your gallery onto your Muse Frame.

Unparalleled & Secure

Mint with the Muse App

With our unparalleled minting functionality, Muse users can mint their own pictures and digital art in real time, directly from their phone to their desired wallet. Once minted, users acquire their non-fungible token into their wallet and can sell their NFT’s on any desired marketplace.


Ownership verification is our highest priority. Using the Muse app and a button on the frame, ownership is verified with a simple QR code scan.

Your look

Effortlessly customise your Muse with a sleek metal frame, available in four different colours to suit any interior.

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Your size

Available in 10", 21”, 32”, and 55”, all with immense clarity and sound.

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Transform any space into an NFT Art Gallery

Muse bridges the gap between the digital and the physical, by showcasing the most compelling digital art in 4K clarity, from your mobile device onto the Muse Frame.

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